Healthy Eating

I have recently noticed that many people are struggling to make food that is both healthy AND delicious. I was in that boat myself for a long time. Growing up, and even through college, my father was the one who made all the meals. He’s a great cook, and there were plenty of leftovers for the week. Because I knew I didn’t have his prowess in the kitchen, I never had the motivation to do any cooking.

This changed when I moved to Melbourne, Australia. I was an au pair for three precious boys, and part of my job was to make dinner. Because the boys were incredibly picky, I was limited in terms of what I could make. Experimentation yielded mixed results, but the successes drove me forward more than any rejection could discourage me.

I started school again last April, only one week after returning to the States. With me, I brought a new interest for cooking. I spent spend hours on Pinterest hunting for ideas, and try at least one new recipe each week. Unfortunately, not all of them are winners. Some sound good in theory, but just don’t work out. It’s easy to see how some people get discouraged when so many recipes are to difficult or just plain bad (I’m sorry, but you can’t call it a “doughnut” just because it’s doughnut-shaped).

In the future, I hope to help my patients clean up their diets. Here, I’ve added some of my favorite recipes! Most of them are Paleo or Vegan, and many of them can be adjusted to work with these diets or certain allergies. None of these recipes are mine, I just want to create a resource for anyone who asks me about eating well without getting bored of the food!

Best of all, each of these recipes are “Pinterest Fail”-proof. I’ve tried each of them myself (though perhaps tweaked, i.e. substituting rice with cauliflower) with success!

Bon Apétit!